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Showing posts from August 17, 2015

Weighty Matters

Up until last month, given both Morgan's as well as my veterinarian's concern (read: obsession) over my weight, when Morgan wanted to find out how much I weigh, he would first weigh himself and then pick me up and weigh the two of us together. Afterwards he would deduct his weight from the total in order to calculate mine. This method is something I was usually rather uncooperative doing, to say the least.

Last month, however, Morgan used treats to entice me onto the scale in an attempt to get me to weigh myself. After a few tries on and off the digital scale, my weight was determined with much more ease than was previously possible.

We did it again this afternoon and, after a little repetition, the system worked like a charm. This method is also more enjoyable on my end and much less stressful for Morgan and myself.

With Morgan having made adjustments to how he feeds me these last three or four weeks and not giving me any extra dry food than what was advised by my veterinarian, …