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Hello Springtime, Farewell Winter

Whether in regard to us felines, other critters or our beloved humans, as anyone living in Vermont or elsewhere in the Northeast already well knows, it has been a truly cold, snowy, long, hard Winter.

Speaking of which, Morgan has just posted a revised and edited version of the previous rendition of his "Top 10 Signs of a Long Vermont Winter" list, here.

Although I am strictly an indoor cat, at least unless and until I eventually decide to allow Morgan to take me outdoors using a harness and leash, something I am not quite ready to endure yet, I find myself growing particularly

fond of the warmth, fresh air as well as renewed energy that comes with Springtime.

Hello Springtime, farewell Winter!

On days when the temperatures are warm enough to do so, including during certain portions of yesterday as well as today, Morgan has had the heat off and the windows open, making it even better for me to enjoy observing what is going on outside.

Much like with his previous cats, Scoo…