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Sampling of One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel Satisfied Customer Videos

*Update*: My cat exercise wheel arrived on Tuesday (April 14th), as scheduled, however certain technical complexities cropped up for Morgan during the assembly process and, therefore, assembly completion will be delayed for a time (possibly until either late next week or early the week following; assuming everything works out as is hoped, once the exercise wheel is successfully assembled and operating, a blog post will be posted concerning the same).

While patiently awaiting the arrival and assembly of my very own One Fast Cat exercise wheel (which, as I understand it, is due to be delivered sometime tomorrow), what follows is a select sampling of rather satisfied customers of the exact same product that is posted for your viewing pleasure (via YouTube):

More such videos and the like can be found posted (via One Fast Cat's Facebook page), here.

*Note*; last updated on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 6:18 PM (ET).

Classical Minded Cat

Whenever Morgan is heading out, whether for a while or for a short period and save for those times it slips his mind, he puts on the radio for me so that I will have my favorite station to listen to while he is away.

If, like me, you have an ear for classical music, you might enjoy listening to VPR Classical Radio as well.

Classical music helps to sooth me and also sometimes aids in drowning out certain loud noises coming from either elsewhere inside or outside our apartment building.

It is the same type of music or possibly even the same radio station that the Central Vermont Humane Society (CVHS) had playing in its lobby, which is where my crate and I happened to be located, when Morgan came to adopt a new cat back in  early December of last year (2014).

Oftentimes, when Morgan is off on one of the public access online computers checking his email and doing whatever he does online, using his headphones to do so, he streams this particular station.

Since he enjoys this same type of …