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Me with my cat scratcher.
(circa: December 2014)
*Updated* (with the usual edits and the like)

Welcome to my blog. My name is Cleopatra, however most humans refer to me as Cleo. I am a cat that is nearly two years old, comfortably residing in the Central Vermont region and serve as the case manager of an older human male who is also my caretaker. His name is Morgan and he will be blogging posts on my behalf.

This blog of mine will serve as my cat journal to the world, opining about everyday events as well as life in general from the perspective of a cat and also about living with my human.

Before I came to live with Morgan in early December of last year (2014), I was staying at the Central Vermont Humane Society (CVHS) for a while. Prior to his going to CVHS to adopt a new cat, Morgan came across my profile on their Website. He was obviously taken by me and, being likewise, I decided to adopt him.

If you live in the area and are interested in adopting a cat, check out the CVHS cat adoption listings, here (*update*: through Saturday, April 18th, CVHS is offering 50% off their regular adoption fees for cats that are at least one year of age or older. more information available, here). If you would rather consider adopting a dog, check out those listings, here. CVHS also has other critters up for adoption as well, here.

Although I am strictly an indoor cat, on occasion and although he needs the exercise much more than me, I do enjoy taking Morgan for walks down the hallways of our apartment building floor and back.

Me playing
(circa: December 2014)
Meal and snack times are about my most favorite occupation, but I also really enjoy playing with Morgan, whether with some of my many different toys or a game of hide and seek or cat and mouse.

When Morgan gets too preoccupied with other things, I find ways to engage him and get him to play with me, especially before he bolts out the door to head out for several hours.

Given that Morgan has had trouble sleeping both well and enough of late, I left him alone to sleep this morning and did not try to wake him early as I often do so that he will feed me.

As it turns out, he woke up on his own just before six this morning and went about his usual routine, including putting the window shades up and looking out the window to check on the weather conditions. While he was doing that, I joined him and we watched the world going by as well as enjoyed the dawning of a new day.

Since Morgan thinks I need more to do (as if I do not already have enough to keep me busy), including exercise in order to lose some excess weight (his and my veterinarian's opinion, not mine), he had a cat exercise wheel from One Fast Cat ordered and it is currently on its way. The estimated delivery date is Tuesday, April 14th, but it could possibly arrive the day before (Monday).

Once it arrives, with Morgan's assistance, I will of course inspect the package as well as all the items within the box thoroughly. After that, because more space and a smooth as well as hard (read: uncarpeted) surface is needed with which to best assemble the exercise wheel, Morgan will be taking it all downstairs to put it together for me. When he is done assembling it and brings it back to our apartment, I will provide a complete inspection of the exercise wheel. Afterwards, I might eventually consider trying it out in order to make sure it works as advertised.

Before this blog post entry is put to rest, this is to request that if you have enjoyed reading this journal of mine, please consider making a financial donation to CVHS both on my behalf as well as those many other animals they take care of and help find forever homes for, here.

Thank you in advance.

*Note*: Made several, mostly minor, edits and additions for the purposes of clarification as well as readability; last updated on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 11:39am (ET).


Bethany said…
Cleo, I like your style. Very straightforward and matter of fact. The world could use more writers with such a clean approach. I was also glad to read you are only Morgan will love growing older with you. My favorite line in your post was about the shade going up and you watching the world go by and the dawning of a new day. Do you write poetry?
Morgan W. Brown said…
Thank you, Bethany. Your comments are appreciated. Although Cleo could possibly contemplate writing poetry at some point in the future, no, she has not scratched out anything along those lines yet. If and when she does however, she will be having it posted on this blog of hers.

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