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Hello Springtime, Farewell Winter

Snow People
(circa: Winter of 2009/2010;
photo courtesy of an unnamed source;
click onto any of these photos
in order to view enlargements)
Whether in regard to us felines, other critters or our beloved humans, as anyone living in Vermont or elsewhere in the Northeast already well knows, it has been a truly cold, snowy, long, hard Winter.

Speaking of which, Morgan has just posted a revised and edited version of the previous rendition of his "Top 10 Signs of a Long Vermont Winter" list, here.

Although I am strictly an indoor cat, at least unless and until I eventually decide to allow Morgan to take me outdoors using a harness and leash, something I am not quite ready to endure yet, I find myself growing particularly

fond of the warmth, fresh air as well as renewed energy that comes with Springtime.

Hello Springtime, farewell Winter!

(circa: 2011/2012)
On days when the temperatures are warm enough to do so, including during certain portions of yesterday as well as today, Morgan has had the heat off and the windows open, making it even better for me to enjoy observing what is going on outside.

Much like with his previous cats, Scooter and Callie (each of whom is pictured to the right), I can oftentimes be found perched either on the room divider or in one of the two windows of our little efficiency apartment, most especially whenever the windows are open.

(circa: 2013/2014)
If Morgan's video camera had not broken (read: melted down, virtually speaking) late last year, it is more than likely that he would have taken and posted photos of me along these same lines. Apparently, he is hoping to eventually purchase a new point and shoot video camera somewhat comparable to his former one, if not next month, sometime afterwards.


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Welcome to my blog. My name is Cleopatra, however most humans refer to me as Cleo. I am a cat that is nearly two years old, comfortably residing in the Central Vermont region and serve as the case manager of an older human male who is also my caretaker. His name is Morgan and he will be blogging posts on my behalf.

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New Videos & Photos

Video of me hallwalking this morning:

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Photos (click onto photos in order to view enlargement):